Days FIve and Six 3/14 & 15

blahhhh! my first day with no weight loss! still exactly 129 lbs. oh well, maybe it was all that cortisol from my stress-full evening yesterday?  i’m feeling pretty good. i might go so far as to say that i’m sleeping better. it is also strange no notice how much of my life actually revolves around food! i mean, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes, eating. it’s never ending. especially, i suppose, when there are kids around…

i want to take a sec and reiterate the fact that i only use organic fruits and veggies for my juice, with the exception of citrus which i peel. also, that i am not a photographer, so don’t judge me from my photos!

i have been sticking with the same breakfast juice, because it is super tasty, and i have everything i need to make it. it is for 2 servings, 1 head romaine lettuce, 2 big hand fulls of baby spinach, 1 cucumber, 4 stalks celery, 2 apples, 4 clementines.

it’s my first day back at work, so i have to make 2 juices to travel. for convenience sake they will be the same. i will call it rainbow juice, but i haven’t tasted it yet, sooooo… 1 head romaine, 5 hand fulls of baby spinach, 6 carrots,1 cucumber, 1 large tomato, 4 stalks celery, 1 lemon, 1 apple. i’ll let you know how it tastes later!


i drank 2 of them, they were pretty tasty! either that, or my taste buds are adjusting.or it could be my grocery store hasn’t had any organic kale, and i’m too lazy to go to 3 different stores searching for it, so i just have been substituting spinach. on monday i’ll track down some kale! today i had a watermelon, cucumber, lemon drink at dinnertime and i also had a cup of ‘bedtime’ tea with 1 tsp of raw honey for desert.

i have to admit, that this whole process does seem to be making me a more emotional than usual. i’m thinking about stuff i haven’t thought of in years, reacting to situations a little more dramatically than i normally would and just plain being more sensitive. not my favorite side effect of juicing!

my first day back at work was pretty good. i made it through fine, and i wasn’t too tired after. i thought i might be because my 10 days off work to recover from surgery combined with juice fasting means i haven’t been very active lately.

day 6- 127.4 lbs. yipee. that means i have lost 8.2 lbs. going into my 6th day on this fast. it’s only 7:20, and dehlia and i just got up, so i haven’t made any juice yet, but my plan is to do the same as yesterday, but i will do it in a different order… i have been feeling good physically, it’s the emotional side of  ‘ breaking the sugar addiction’ along with just not eating that makes it difficult beyond the first few days… i’ll report back in a few days



  1. Wow… are something else. We have missed you and looked forward to seeing you Sunday. You are truly a disciplined woman on a mission! I admire it 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’re doing great with your juicing! I started today and got a “funny” almost uneasy feeling about 20 mins after juice, like I have to much energy. I’m a little nauseous now. The good news is that I haven’t felt very hungry. Maybe all the nutrients is a shock to my system.

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