Day Three and Four 3/12 & 3/13

i am feeling better today! the morning of my third day of juice fasting. it has been a slow, achy couple days, and i’m so glad to be feeling good and more like myself. my head is out of the detox cloud (at least at the moment) and my head ache seems to be gone for now as well. i don’t have a ton of energy, but i’m pretty lazy generally anyway. 

day 3 8:30 am-i stepped on the scale, and it was down to 130.2 lbs!  breakfast juice for 2, 4 clementines, 1/2 pkg. baby spinach, 1 cucumber, 4 stalks of celery, 2 green apples. this is by far the sweetest and best juice yet. i will definitely make it again. normally the juices take me about half hour to drink, but this one was gone super fast!

day 3 afternoon- dehlia and i went to the grocery store to get some more juicing supplies today. we got more of the basics, and we got a watermelon and some ginger to try some new recipes. when i got home i made my juice for the rest of the day, and thank goodness i did, because, my son asher, had an accident at school and i was unexpectedly out of the house all afternoon. i was able to just grab a juice and go, and not give in to car snack temptation 😉 i made 3 servings of v8 style juice-tomato, red pepper, cucumber, celery, a whole bunch of parsely, a head of romaine lettuce and a lemon. i also made a ‘snack time’ juice of 1/4 watermelon, 2 lemons and a cucumber (2 servings) which i think is delish! so all in all a good juice day.

day 3 8:30 pm –  i drank a v8 juice for both lunch and dinner, and had a watermelon drink for a snack before lunch. i also drank a cup of ginger/lemon tea with 1 tsp honey in the afternoon before dinner  and a cup  chamomile tea before bed. today was probably the highest calorie consumption day so far. but also the day i felt the best. no headache, more energy, better mood.

day 4 10:30 am – stepped on the scale first thing and it read 129 lbs. woo hoo! that is 6.6 lbs down in 3 days of juicing. from what i’ve read, i will probably start losing a lb. a day now. i hope that is the case. i’m still drinking plenty of water, and i’m feeling almost normal today, so that is even better! we repeated the breakfast drink from yesterday. cucumber, spinach, celery, clementine, apple. its light and sweet. delish.

For lunch and dinner i had spinach, celery, carrot, cucumber and apple. i had a stressful evening, which made me really, really crave food. nothing specific, just food! i didn’t though, which is good. i chugged water instead…

overall, so far, i am pleased with my weight loss and progress. it is difficult for sure, but i think when it’s over, it will hav  been worth it.


  1. Annie, Hi there… are there recipe’s that are available that don’t have Cucumber and Watermelon in them? It may sound silly, but both of these things make me gag!… Go figure, Dill Pickles are one of my favorite things, but I can’t even tastes a plain cucumber… Deb and I are on a diet of eating really well and eliminating refined sugar, flour/bread (for the most part. I use wheat roll-ups for a sandwich sometimes), Trying to stick with mainly Chicken, Fish, and fresh Veggies along with our daily Elliptical workout and it’s having definite positive effects, but since my major neck and lower back surgeries over 3 years ago, I put on a ton of weight and haven’t been able to lose any of it until the recent changes we’ve made in our eating and exercise habits. Here’s the thing,.. we both would like to lose about 10 lb. fairly quickly… We are going to the Dominican Republic for a little R&R and I don’t want to be accidentally harpooned while there. Do you think it’s possible to lose that much in just under 2 weeks by doing this juice detox and can you go from that back to eating solid food right after without having negative effects? While we don’t plan on gorging ourselves, we do want to eat a little more liberally while on this trip as it’s an all inclusive… and of course tropical alcoholic beverages will be involved for the entire 7 day trip… Any thoughts/advice?

    1. hi wes! yes, there are plenty of recipes! i use cucumber a lot because it’s nice and watery, so you get a lot of juice from it. you could easily substitute a head of romaine lettuce for a cucumber.
      try this, 2 tomatoes, 1 head of romaine, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 4 stalks of celery, 1 lemon peeled and 1 apple.
      if you google juice fast recipes you will find a million. and you can always play around with what you like., just remember to use mostly veggies! it is definitely possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, if you stick to it! watch the movie ‘fat, sick and nearly dead’ for inspiration! also, ‘forks over knives’ is really good too! good luck, happy juicing, and let me know if i can help in any way.:)

    1. hi, yes, for 2-3 large servings i used 2 lg tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 head of romaine, 1/2 of a red pepper, 4 stalks or celery, and a whole bunch of parsley. it is missing that salty taste, but it is still quite tasty in my opinion. you can also add a small chunk of hot pepper if you are into that sort of thing! hope this helps!

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